Monetization made for you and your fans.

MakerStreamer is a video hosting service made for you to share your video content with your fans for a monthly subscription.

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What is MakerStreamer?

Using MakerStreamer, you can sell your fans access to your exclusive content for a monthly membership or a one-time fee. Use your shop to sell your digital or physical content and interact with your customers in the community.

Pricing built for all sizes


Complete access to everything that MakerStreamer has to offer.

12.5% per successful charge


A complete package designed for you and your production team.

Payment processing fees are not included here.
Checkout Stripe's pricing for payment processing fees.

MakerStreamer Basics:

Who did we build MakerStreamer for?

We built MakerStreamer specifically for creators with an online audience to be able to make a living off their online content using a subscription based monetization model.

Can I directly contact my MakerStreamer fans?

You maintain full access to your fans. You can view fan info including email, name, phone number.

Export anytime.

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If you’re a creator or part of their management team, we’ll show you how to get the most out of MakerStreamer.

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