About Us

We make building revenue easy for creatives.

We put an emphasis on ease of use and integration, so you can focus on creating an engaging community for your followers.

About Us

Our Mission

We help creators monetize their content using proven and sustainable models.

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Our Platform

Makerstreamer's focus is on creating tools that are functional and intuitive so you can focus on creating great content people will pay you for.

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Our Process

Creating a website with Makerstreamer is quick and easy. Get up and running today, start marketing and building your subscriber list now.

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Monetize your content using a proven model.

If you aren't using some sort of premium content platform to generate income with your content, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

History tells us that you can expect between 1-5% of you current audience to pay you a subscription fee to view your premium content. That's reliable, recurring income right in your pocket.

The Team

We make the magic
happen every day

We work with small and large creators alike. We have helped creators of all sizes capitalize on their content.


Professional problem solver. Experienced Developer.

The Process

Easy to set up.
Engaging for your followers.

We make building a website easy. Use our simple to set up templates and be up and running today.

Create a rich environment your followers will crave. Utilize chats, community threads, and live content to keep your followers engaged.



Create an amazing website using our simple templates.



Post the content your followers already love. Engage with your community in the chat, market your premium content on other platforms.


Get Paid

We run all of the payment processing using Stripe, a secure platform. When you request a payout it goes straight into your bank account.


We send out helpful tips to grow your subscription list.

We promise to never spam you.