Getting Started

Creating a MakerStreamer Site From Start to Finish

We have worked hard building, testing, changing, and re testing the onboarding process for MakerStreamer. We are confident that if you can create a social media account, you can create your very own website with MakerStreamer. We're still young, and eager to learn though. If you find anything challenging please let us know, there is nothing more valuable to us than feedback from our users!

Building a Website with MakerStreamer

Alright, before we get into it let's go over a few things. You will need a few basic pieces of information. Your MakerStreamer site will work well if you already have an established presence on at least one social platform (such as YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, ect.) It will be best to have links to your profiles on those sites, as well as the other basic personal information you typically need to set up a social media account. One last thing, although all of our templates are responsive and function great across tons of devices, setting up your website is done most easily on a desktop or laptop. Pull this article up on your phone or tablet for reference, get the builder up on your computer and let's go!

Setting Up in 5 Steps

1. Email verification

The very first thing you'll need to do when setting up your MakerStreamer website is verify your email address. This email is important because it is where all of your notifications will go. It will also be used to request payouts. Enter a valid email address and click "Launch" head over to your email and follow the instructions you find waiting for you there. (If you don't receive an email within a few minutes check your junk folder.) The link in the email will take you back to MakerStreamer.

2. Enter your site information

We are working hard to develop lots of great templates for you to choose from. But these take a lot of work to create and a lot of power to host. We want them to be amazing and so we are taking our time. We promise they will be worth the wait. IN the meantime, the link in the email you received takes you to a page where you can personalize your site. Add your brand name, a description, and pick a color for your website's theme. *Note that although there are a few color options you can put in any hex code you want to do. Aren't familiar with Hex codes? Just google the color you want followed by "hex code" and you'll find options! Once you have the basic information ready for your site click "Let's Go".

3. Logging into your site

Click the link at the bottom of the success notification. You will be taken to a page where you can create a password. If you've never created a password before... well... make it secure. Click "Reset Password". Enjoy the shower of happy emojis and click the login button. Login using the credentials you just created.

4. Uploading a video

The first time you log in MakerStreamer will show you how to upload a video. We have created a pretty cool one you can use as a placeholder (and delete later) or, if you already have content you can upload your own.

5. Customizing your site

On the left drop down menu you can upload your own logos, change your site's color, among other things. This is the page you will use to create an amazing and unique experience for your followers.

Using the dashboard

The dashboard is giong to become your best friend. This is where you can view statistics and see what content your followers react to best. Use this page to grow your monthly subscription list and increase your revenue. You can also view new posts and comments from your community. Quickly glance at what your followers are talking about and engage with them in a meaningful way. On the right side of the dashboard you can also keep track of what we are working on, what updates we have pushed out recently, and request new features!


The fans tab is used to monitor your paying subscribers. You can view their status, and even export them and their information. This is crucial to marketing the things you create outside of MakerStreamer. We believe that you should have full access to the followers you have worked so hard to get.


Upload new videos, manage existing ones, and keep track of engagement in the videos tab. This is where you will manage the content you put out for your monthly subscribers.

Live Streams

Similar to videos, this is where you manage live streams.


Here is out integrated shop. Boost your revenue by selling digital products here. This works well if you sell tutorials, are have segmented content (like a woodworker maker a beautiful mahogany chair.)


Manage and create new integrations here.


We take care of billing for you using Stripe, a proven, secure payment processor that integrates right into your site. Use billing to enter information so you can request payouts.

We send out helpful resources so you can make the most of your content.

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